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January 1, 2011 / health24wealth


In any  home-based business, good ethics is critical. You grow your home business by sharing the opportunity with others. This is process occurs in many ways, most commonly is by sharing the opportunity with friends and family. Networking also provides opportunities to share your opportunity with others, and if you are a savvy business professional you no doubt have a network of contacts to prospect among. However, what do you do when you share your opportunity with someone you know, who has already started working with another distributor in your company?

At some point, you will share your business with someone who may be working with someone else; if it has already not happened to you. This may be especially true if you are an active business networker, as you will be building a team within a common group of professionals. This presents some ethical challenges for both you and your prospect. Here are some ethical guidelines for you to consider if you find yourself in such a situation:

  • Do on to others, as you would want them to do on to you. The golden rule is always a great place to start when faced with this dilemma. Regardless of the relationship you may have with your prospect, honor the fact that they have started to work with someone else. Ask the prospect a few questions to learn where he or she may be at in the process. If he or she has seen the opportunity and is actively working with someone else… hand off! This prospect has made a commitment to someone else, and you should lend support to answer questions and help them get started. If they may have heard about it, but have not seen the company information and they don’t know too much about the opportunity, then it may be okay for you to proceed with them. However, know where the prospect is in the enrollment process.
  • If you know someone you want to share your opportunity with… share it with them ASAP! Do not make an assumption that your friend will sign up with you, even though someone else got to them first. Avoid ethical dilemmas by showing your business to others before someone else does.
  • Never compete with your downline. If you ever find yourself speaking with someone who knows someone on your team, always support your team. You never want to create competition with someone you have sponsored or with anyone in your personally sponsored organization.
  • Always support the team… the company team. Lend support to others, no matter who sponsored them. Even though someone may not be part of your team, their efforts contribute to your income by way of how they represent the company, so lend support when you can.
  • When in doubt, do what is right and not what is in  your best interest. It is better to always take the high road, and move on. It takes 20 years to build a good reputation, and 20 minutes to destroy it. Always do what is right!

Your  business opportunity can be a great way to build a great income from home. However, if you work against others, steal prospects, and make poor ethical decisions, we will hurt everyone. Always remember that one person does not make or break a team. If you missed out on sharing your opportunity with someone you know, congratulate them on making a good decision and offer to help them build a business. If you embrace these ethics in your business, you will have great success in your  home business and in life, as many others will do the same for you.


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