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March 10, 2011 / health24wealth

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Another Fantastic Month

Congratulations to all of our Preferred Customers who are watching their goals being fulfilled! One24 has grown substantially every month since its start, less than a year ago!  And February was no exception, even though it was a ‘short’ month.  There are going to be a lot of excited PCs when they receive their commission checks over the next few days.  It’s an incredible experience for us to watch your progress toward retirement!

New Tools for Your Growth

Make sure to frequently check the new One24 Media site (  We are consistently posting new information and tools for you.  The Compensation, Webinars and Podcast sections all have new material posted this week.  More is coming in the next few days, including a very nice presentation about the Gold Rush and Matching Bonus.

It’s a Natural

We continue to hear incredible reports about NatraBurst™ from health professionals and laypeople alike.  What a great combination we have…helping people with the ‘Fiscal’ and the  ‘Physical’ aspects of their lives.

Remember that NatraBurst is an all-natural product.  Because of this, there will be a variance in each product batch… in look, smell and taste.  This is because natural raw materials change with season, temperature, moisture, etc.

There are a number of raw materials in NatraBurst that have a high level of health benefits that also have their own taste characteristics. For example, Resveratrol, Mangosteen, Pomegranate and Green Tea have a naturally bitter after-taste.  The Berry Blast flavoring, which is also all-natural, does a good job at masking certain tastes, but it cannot totally hide some of the natural taste characteristics.  Therefore, don’t be surprised if one of your canisters differs from another.

Most people have discovered they can dramatically change and improve the taste by using their own recipes. Remember, NatraBurst can be mixed in many ways.  We suggest that you use a blender and try adding frozen fruits (blueberries are really good), yogurt, juices, etc.  You can also sprinkle NatraBurst onto foods like oatmeal & cereal.  We encourage you to create your own personal recipes to taste. It also helps if you blend or use a shaker to mix the powder into your favorite beverage.  Also try different ratios of powder to liquid.

New Computer Systems = A Big Difference

We have been working toward a complete upgrade of our computer systems, and those efforts are already beginning to pay off.  For example, during February’s Gold Rush, we set new company records for traffic on the site.  Pages on the site were viewed over 750,000 times by over 70,000 visitors in those four days, and the company was averaging 4 new PCs per minute through much of that time!  Despite the tremendous load, the performance of the site was largely unaffected.

We’re not too quick to pat ourselves on the back though — we realize these improvements were long overdue, and there is still plenty of opportunity for improvement. We are striving to not only accommodate the current growth, but be prepared for a very strong future.  Due to the massive number of variables involved in the process, there will surely be a few bumps along the way, however, we will do everything we can to minimize any impact to you.  The bottom line is we are making progress, and are confident that you will continue to see improvements going forward.

Customer Service

To serve you better, we are expanding our Customer Service department.  Please bear with us though, as it is definitely a process and not an ‘event.’  Please also remember that Customer Service can get overwhelmed during the busier times of the month…end of month, commission time and Gold Rush are exceptionally busy.  We do care and will strive to assist you with your requests as quickly as possible!

Don’t Miss Thursday’s Conference Call!

Thursday, March 10th
9:00PM EST / 6PM PST
Phone: (646) 519-5800 PIN: 5477

Speakers: Mark Seyforth, Co-Founder & Joe Perry, President


– Company Updates
– The upcoming e-signature marketing tool
– Do you have the ‘eye of the turtle’ or the ‘paws of the puma’?
– Are we the fastest growing company in the U.S.?

Can’t make the live call?  Fortunately, most call recordings are made available on the website within 48 hours after they occur.  You can access them from the “Resources” menu on your site, or directly from our Media Site.

*No guarantee of income is implied

Need Help?

Email at

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