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March 28, 2011 / health24wealth

Does NatraBurst™, Protein Powder Demonstrate Improvement of Heart Function?

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Yes. NatraBurst is a protein powder that can demonstrate improvement of heart function.

The Great Depression was a time where fortunes were made by those who focused on opportunities, the positive, and ignored the many woes that prevailed in the society. We are once again in such times!As the inventor of Rest Easy™, I have been looking through various marketing plans to distribute my products more widely. Very few products or plans ever attract my attention.Recently, I found a plan that validates the distributor as well as the company equally. This is a real referral program that those who refer actually have an excellent chance to make really good income! There is no sign-up fee, only the purchase of one excellent product–Natra Burst™. No bulk purchasing necessary.

Click here on the button blow and watch the three videos for a total of 13 minutes.

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If you like what you see on the 3 videos, click on the “put me on the waiting list…NOW!” There is NO sign up cost!  No bulk purchases or filling your garage with products!  An absolutely brilliant incentive program to ensure long-term customer loyalty – no more attrition!  That’s right!  Once the people understand how the program works, THEY WILL NEVER QUIT!


Natra Burst™ Passed The Test

“We have recently received results from an independent study on Natra Burst™. This study was performed by a Nutritionist who is often contracted by supplement manufactures to test and certify the validity their products. Here is a summary of his findings:

“Just a quick note to bring you up to date on the testing of the NatraBurst™ product from One24 with my “Heart Machine” the Acoustic Cardiograph.  Briefly, the Acoustic Cardiograph (ACG) records the sounds of the heart as the blood moves through the various chambers, valves, and vessels.  The “graph signature” reflects the opening and closing of the valves, the contraction and strength of the heart muscle, and the efficiency of the movement of blood and is an excellent barometer of not just cardiovascular health but overall physical fitness.

“I am asked to test many products by companies wishing me to make an endorsement.  The fact of the matter is that out of ten products, six make no change in the strength or efficiency of heart function- they make no physical improvement and therefore are a waste of money.  Three out of ten actually weaken and decrease the efficiency of heart function and therefore are actually detrimental to health!

“I’ve tested the NatraBurst™ product on several occasions over the course of several days with my Acoustic Cardiograph and every test demonstrated an improvement in the strength and efficiency of heart function (which happens only in about ten percent of products tested!); this puts the NatraBurst product in the category of rare and elite products… Congratulations to One24!”

Dr. Raymond Bisesi, D.C., C.F.N., C.P.T.

East-West Wellness Partners

14802 Enterprise Drive  Ste. 37B




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  1. swood01 / May 21 2011 2:22 pm

    I have been using NatraBurst for about 8 months now and I love the product. Upon reading articles in Natural News . com, about the Japan nuclear disaster, I found that several ingredients in NatraBurst work to rid the body of some of this radiation. That in itself is enough information to make me want to continue taking it.

    Thanks for this article.


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