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April 8, 2011 / health24wealth


If you have not joined our waiting list  yet,
then it is absolutely essential that you do this
first if you want to take advantage of the power
that the One24 Online compensation plan is offering you.
This is one of the greatest concepts ever introduced to
our industry because no matter if you’re a guru marketer
or just a newbie trying to figure this whole thing out…
Everyone has to go on the waiting list and this is
what is driving the success of business model.
In other companies you can just join whenever you want
and so many people are overwhelmed when their upline tells
them “Just go get your 3 and teach them to get their 3 etc etc”.
This plan is truly designed for you to be able to retire in
12 to 24 months by just using ONE GREEN TICKET per
month. Everyone feels like they can use their green ticket
every month and when you do the math of 24 months, it’s
a staggering 6 figure monthly residual income.
It’s designed to build slow and steady.
If you need a refresher on how this works go to
Isn’t it time you took control of your financial future?
Join my waiting list and I will contact you to make sure
that you get a ticket…Click Here!

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