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April 16, 2011 / health24wealth


Noon Conference Call Format Change

Please note that the daily conference call hosted by Master PC, Michael Briansky, has changed format.  Effective immediately, the call will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 12:00 noon Eastern Time.

Phone: (646) 519-5800    PIN: 5477

You will be able to e-mail your questions live, during the call, or anytime you wish.  RESPONSE TO YOUR QUESTIONS WILL ONLY BE VIA THE LIVE CALL.  YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE VIA E-MAIL.  Please e-mail your questions to:

This is a great opportunity to gain some extra knowledge about your One24 business!

April Gold Rush Start Date

Due to the Easter holiday on April 24th, this month’s Gold Rush is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 25th.  Be sure to use your current Green Ticket before then!

Compensation Plan Now in Spanish

The One24 Compensation Plan document is now available in Spanish.  This document is posted online on the PC Media Site in PDF format.  This is one of many tools to come that should help PCs communicate the One24 opportunity to the Hispanic community.

Don’t Miss Thursday’s Conference Call

Thursday, April 14th
9:00PM EST / 6PM PST
Phone: (646) 519-5800 PIN: 5477

Speaker: Joe Perry, President

Topic:  The Latest Company Updates

Can’t make the live call?  Fortunately, most call recordings are made available on the website within 48 hours after they occur.  You can access them from the “Resources” menu on your site, or directly from our Media Site.

*No guarantee of income is implied


If you have not joined our waiting list  yet,then it is absolutely essential that you do this first if you want to take advantage of the power that the One24 Online compensation plan is offering you.
This is one of the greatest concepts ever introduced to our industry because no matter if you’re a guru marketer or just a newbie trying to figure this whole thing out…
Everyone has to go on the waiting list and this is
what is driving the success of business model.

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