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April 26, 2011 / health24wealth

One24 The Financial Rewards

When you get started in One24, your income will start out slow… sometimes very slow. If you listen to some of the corporate calls with Mark Seyforth, you have heard that the anticipated income in the first couple of months is less than $10. But what are the real numbers, and what can you expect to earn in One24?

This month I asked 15 PCs in our team to participate in a income analysis. I asked these individuals to answer some questions and send me a copy of their actual income summary page for review. All 15 PCs have been with One24 for a minimum of 3 months, and all are actively building a team. Their backgrounds varied; about 66% of them had little or no success in network marketing prior to One24. The results are impressive, and here is what I learned:

  • The average PC has enrolled about 3 people every 60-70 days; meaning one green ticket a month, and about 1 on the Gold rush every other month.
  • The average PC participates in team and/or corporate conference calls, as well as live events if available.
  • All the participants had incomes that were higher than company projections for the reported months; all are on pace to meet the income projections within 18 to 24 months.
  • The average participant in the study works just 2-4 hours per week; about 10 hours total per month.

The numbers were very impressive, and show that overall many people on our team are on track to meet and exceed the corporate income projections. In short, this means that all 15 people are on track to generate a significant retirement income in less than 24 months. It is imperative to know that your individual results will vary. This is in no way a promise of income. However, we are seeing that many PCs are having the success projected by Mark and the One24 team… in just a few hours a month.

Click here to see the summary and analysis from the income study

Team Conference Calls

The Gold Rush, The Comp Plan, and Live Events

This week, Casey and company will talk about how you can explode your income through being consistent in your business, participating in local events and conference calls, and through the gold rush. This is your opportunity to hear how others are building a large residual based home-business. Call in details are above to the right.

Please know that we are now recording and posting the team calls. Please check the team website for the past team calls by clicking here.

The Gold Rush

As you know, the Gold Rush has started and should last through the end of the month. The Gold Rush provides you with an opportunity to make a larger income, and build your team faster than with just the green income stream. Many PCs are reporting that the income from both the Gold and Gold matching are responsible for 30-40% of the income. Overtime, this income will continue to grow as your team builds. The key to this is to add people to your team through the Gold Rush overtime. By enrolling just one person every other month or so, you will open another revenue stream that can add an additional 30%+ to your income monthly.

If you have not already watched the Gold Matching video, click here to watch it on the media site. This will give you a lot of insight on how the Gold income grows, and how you can explode your income in One24.


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