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May 3, 2011 / health24wealth

Welcome to the One24 Success Series!

Building your road to retirement with One24 is not hard. In fact, we believe you can realize your dreams in less than 24 months if you apply some focused energy, invest a little spare time and step out into the world of possibilities. Hundreds of people who just recently started, are already experiencing significant financial returns each month, and so can you.

There are several easy, initial steps you can take to accelerate down your road to a bright future. We call these the Success Steps and I’d like to share two of these with you right now.  Over the next 6 weeks, you will receive by email a series of additional Success Steps that will be important for you to act on. So keep an eye out for each of them. Here are the first two:

SUCCESS STEP #1: Order your official One24 business cards and brochures.
These are available from your One24 Back Office or the One24 Media website. Additionally, you can order personalized brochures, postcards and other items to hand-out that tell the story of One24 along with the benefits of belonging to the fastest growing home-based business opportunity available. The business cards and brochures make excellent sharing tools, especially if you don’t like to sell things. You can simply hand out a card or brochure with the words, “Take a look at this, if you like what you see, put your name on the “waiting list.” One24 Business cards will give you instant credibility and make the sharing process a snap. Order your official One24 business cards/brochures

SUCCESS STEP #2: Watch the One24 Intro Videos Again.
Founder and direct sales pioneer Mark Seyforth makes compelling presentations on video for the One24 concept and opportunity. Each video is a passionate presentation of the product, the unique One24 model and tips for attracting others to this opportunity. You may have already watched the video as part of your enrollment process, but we now recommend that you watch them again and at least once a month to have the opportunity to fully absorb the important content. You should become as familiar with the One24 message as Mark is. Watch the One24 Intro Videos Here.

We wish you all the best in building your road to retirement with One24.  Watch out for the next Success Step coming soon. In the meantime, keep checking the One24 Media web site for the latest resources and tools.

Stay the course, stay connected!


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