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May 27, 2011 / health24wealth

One24 Not A MLM

Below is a question that one of you brought up and I thought everyone could benefit from our explanation.

The first thing you need to do is to cut through the A=A=A ( the comparing it to other MLM losses in the past) of previous experiences. One 24 is not a MLM company. This is what it is: a 12 tiered referral system. The commissions only come from the purchase of products from referred customers. For instance, how would it be if when you referred someone in for a Communication course, then they brought members of their family, and you still got a referral commission on those family members? Ultimately, it was your referral that brought them in because you brought in the first guy, yet they wouldn’t have come in if not for the guy you brought in.

You should not be trying to explain the program, just refer them to watch the 3 videos. Tell them if they like what they see, then get onto your waiting list and you will follow up with them later to answer any other questions they might have and to get them started on ordering the product.

BTW, in a pyramid scheme, there is always a sign-up fee, which is what fuels the program. The people who have been in the plan longer are making money from the new sign-up fees. In a pyramid scheme, there is no product, or if there is, it cannot support the plan without new sign-up fees brought in.

In One 24, there is no sign-up fee. There is only a product. Each person is paid on their referrals to 12 tiers. The bonus programs are company programs that are a percentage of total sales.

There’s definitely work involved here. Try not to lose your green tickets! For you definitely make a whole lot more money if you are able to at least put one person per month in as your green ticket, your gross income will be many times higher. No free lunch here, but the money is very good should you put forth some effort.

So, when you sign up people, please send me an e-mail so that I know who you have and whether or not I need to give you more support. We can work together and I can help.

Flourish and Prosper,



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