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September 18, 2011 / health24wealth

Zing Biz Pro

Hello Team,



ZingBizPro as moved into Pre Launch and since Friday at 6PM, with just 2 Affiliates from the past ZingSocial we now have 5067 Registered Users as of this email.Here is my Link so you can register and sign up. Let me know about your experience.


Look forward to your feed back.Henry

ZingBizPro is the most exciting development in marketing tools and online communications to hit the internet ever! The Toolbar will become my right hand to connect with my most used sites. The Broadcasting Channel is VERY exciting and has features unavailable anywhere else at ANY price! This will be a real asset to me, both from a business standpoint and for personal communications! My earnings from this is icing on the cake! Kudos for bringing this to us!

– Keith Ingram

Hi, I’m Kobus Viljoen from Pretoria, South Africa. A semi-retired Antique Furniture Restorer and very keen Internet Marketer. ZingBizPro will make my life so much easier by combining all my marketing activities into one. ZingBizPro’s 5×5 forced matrix is like money from heaven, making money is my game and with a good very usable product simply adds to the bonus.- Kobus Viljoen

ZBP is creating a platform that has ROBUST features and value never before delivered together to business people and membership is growing faster than I ever dreamed it could!- Todd Oldfield

Let ZingBizPro help with all of your business needs. Great for building your business offline or online! Training available!- Debra DeYarmon

This website will have the tools I need for building and educating my down-line as well as marketing to a more appropriate customer base! I have found the Webinars very informative.- Christiana Johnson

I join ZingbizPRO because I realised that it has the potential to match or rival giants like Facebook and Twitter, but with so many extra possibilities.- Mohinder Kalsi

The webinar was very informative and to the point, I believe that ZingBizPro is going to be awesome, I can’t wait until it launches to the world. It offers a specific place for business people to network and gives us products and services that could greatly enhance our businesses and lives.- Cee Cee Caldwell-Miller


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