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September 24, 2011 / health24wealth

ZingBizPro, Prelaunch !!!! Invitational Only!!!

It’s About Time!

Real Products • Real Opportunity • Real Payouts!

Prelaunch !!!! Invitational Only!!!

Why is it About Time? Because timing is EVERYTHING! You have always heard: being in the right place at the right time beats everything else in business.

We are positioned to be the first Social Network to offer a full suite of Video Marketing tools with push and pull capabilities across Facebook and Twitter.

We are using Affiliate Marketing to spread the word FAST and reward you through a 5×5 forced matrix, which we explain in detail in your affiliate control panel once you register.

Every business and marketing professional on the planet will want these types of tools and features.

Pre-register today at NO COST!

Level People Commission Total Commission
1 5 $1 $5
2 25 $1 $25
3 125 $1 $125
4 625 $1 $625
5 3125 $5 $15625
Total Potential Income per Matrix $16405


Powerful 5 x 5 matrix pay plan!
Customize-able Interactive Toolbar!
Your own branded profile!
Community interaction!
Create your own video broadcasts!
Webcasting – video/audio
Video email & chat!
Group video chat rooms!
Facebook & LinkedIn interface with push/pull capabilities!
Marketing & Sales Aids!
Training webinars & MORE!

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