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October 27, 2011 / health24wealth

ZingBizProTraining Pages for MEMBERS

Our goal is to do all we can to help you become successful with right now during pre-launch. One of our members, Todd Oldfield, the host of “The Training Room” has worked very hard to help ALL ZingBizPRO,com members achieve personal success during pre-launch and has an excellent site full of great information for all members.

Please visit the site and refer to it often. Specifically you will find the following key pages: Information & Overview Pages

  • – The corporate overview with a 2nd video that further explains the compensation plan.
  • Global Strategies For the Healthcare Industry – Talks about how ZBP could effect global hiring.
  • Global Strategies for Educators, Business Owners, Healthcare, and Job Seekers – A broader, global presentation.
  • Industries That Could Benefit by – A short list of 40-50 industries that we have already identified as being beneficiaries of

Training Pages for MEMBERS

  • New Member Orientation – An overview of
  • New Member Resources – A list of all the tools, groups, Fanpages, videos for members.
  • The “5/30” Fast Start Plan – Todd’s personal system that he has used to refer new members. It’s comprehensive and his techniques work. He has a video explaining his system, and even a worksheet to download to keep you organized. If you need ideas on how to build your group, this might be a good place to start.
  • A Comparison of to Other Top Websites – Features, cost, functionality, earning potential all compared for all the names you recognize.
  • Video Training Page (for those that need ideas on how to promote – Step by step training for those of you that are new to networking. If you need help finding friends, adding friends, getting your group organized, establishing communication channels, here you go!

Be sure to “SHARE” these pages with everyone you personally referred to so that they know the pages are there to help them. Remember, THEIR success is YOUR success.

  • LIVE TRAINING – There is even live training available from 12-8PM EST, Monday-Friday by clicking the “LIVE HELP” button on the right side of the site.
  • “ZingTEAM” Talk Radio on BlogTalkRadio – Todd & guests host regular programs with featured quests, Q&A, tips, techniques, and all sorts of fun. Be sure to check this link for upcoming episodes and to listen to past episodes.

Our thanks to Todd for creating all this wonderful content.

Our best wishes!

Verne Packer, CEO,


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