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November 2, 2011 / health24wealth

Hair Care, cleanse,condition and soften without the harmful ingredients.

Product F130639-10-01 Enliven Bath and Shower Gel
Pamper your skin and enliven your senses with this gentle, high-foaming gel that cleans and conditions.


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F130639-10-01 500ml USD15.00 Qty: Order
Product F129522-10-01 Exquisite Revitalizing Shampoo
Great for naturally colored or permed hair, Exquisite is sulfate- and toxin-free so you are protected from skin irritations and many other serious problems. Exquisite is filled with active agents that gently cleanse while restoring strength and texture, leaving your hair fresh, soft, shiny and manageable.


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F129522-10-01 500 ml/16.9 fl oz USD17.00 Qty: Order
Product F129452-10-01 Replenish Moisturizing Conditioner
An ultra-moisturizing hair conditioner that replenishes damaged and over-treated hair. Rich ingredients strengthen and fortify your hair against damaging heat, coloring, and excessive styling. Antistatic and conditioning agents calm fly-away hair, leaving it smooth, soft, and shiny.


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F129452-10-01 500 ml/16.9 fl oz USD20.00 Qty: Order
Product F026089-00-01 Shampoo and Conditioner Pump
The simple screw-on design of this pump solves typical hair product problems and allows for multiple use so you don’t have to buy a new pump with every bottle of product.


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F026089-00-01 USD1.00 Qty: Order

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