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November 13, 2011 / health24wealth

Rapid Weight Loss System

Sisel’s Distributor ID: USA5156555

SiseLEAN Weight Management Shake
An essential part of the Fit & Fabulous Weight Loss System, thiscreamyvanilla shake contains less than 80 calories per serving!Each delicious shake brings you closer to the hard-body you are sculpting.Fiber makes you feel full and prevents you from flipping into binge mode.Protein fuels lean muscle growth, which is good for your metabolism.Vitamins energize your motor to sustain your weight management focus and discipline.

Want to be lean? It begins here.

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Sisel’s Distributor ID:USA5156555
Want to feel like you’ve exercised for 20 minutesand are a fat burning machine? Accelerator can help you feel like you are!Jump start your biology for a rapid weight loss program.It’s almost like an exercise session in a bottle!
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Sisel’s Distributor ID:USA5156555
Lychee (polyphenols) and EGCC (phytosomes);extracts you’ve likely never heard of, may give you results you’ll never forget.The fusion of these powerful ingredients create a new mega-complexnever before seen in the world of weight loss for meaningful metabolic support.
 Sisel’s Distributor ID:USA5156555
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Product F128990-10-01 ReCurve
Great for jowls, fatty bulges under the chin, hips, thighs,backs of arms, and yes, fantastic for cellulite too,ReCurve is a topical melt-off cream that will greatly reducethat unsightly appearance, making you look more slim and slenderthan you may have ever thought possible!
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