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February 28, 2012 / health24wealth

We’re Here to Answer Your Questions

Q:  What is GroceryTrain?
A:  GroceryTrain is located in Fishers Indiana.  They have many years of management experience in both operating a grocery and also consulting for a major food distributor.  They are expanding nationwide in 2012 and will offer over 875,000 food items to be delivered directly to their consumers.
Q:  What city/states are they expanding into first?
A: GroceryTrain presently has grocery centers in Indianapolis and St. Louis MO. They are currently looking for real estate to open centers in Minneapolis MN, Dallas TX, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, Tampa FL, Orlando FL, Charlotte NC, Cleveland OH and Lexington KY. Nationwide expansion will follow.
Q:  There’s already several home delivery services available.  What makes GroceryTrain different?
A:  Their ability to offer lower mark-ups on their foods and pass these savings onto their customers.


Q:  How?
A:  Every grocery chain in the US buys from a wholesaler and then marks up their prices to create a profit.  GroceryTrain has a partnership with the largest wholesale grocery supply company in the United States. This company is the lead supply chain company in the food industry today.

     GroceryTrain also has arrangements and agreements with a dairy company supplier; signature frozen foods supplier; a steak, fish and poultry supplier; a high-end bakery supplier and a produce supplier. We have organic, natural and ethnic food lines. We have over 850,000 grocery and different items to choose from and we have over 46,000 natural, ethnic and organic food products.
Q:  What does it cost to become a GroceryTrain member?
A:  It’s free.  Upon joining, you will be given immediate access to our website to make your purchases.
Q:  Am I required to spend a certain amount to remain a member?
A:  No, you simply purchase as much or as little as you need and unlike going to conventional grocery stores, shopping on-line can prevent impulsive buying that usually occurs which can save you money.
Q:  What will it cost to have my groceries mailed to me?
A:  The shipping is free for the first 60 days of service and a very nominal cost afterwards. All grocery prices are comparable (or less) to any store!
Q:  Can I become a distributor for GroceryTrain?  How?
A:  Yes, by simply visiting my web at  On-line registration will take place .


Q:  Is this a multi-level marketing (mlm) company?
A:  No, GroceryTrain is a direct selling company that has a multiple level compensation plan.  However, getting paid on multiple levels is totally optional.
Q:  What’s the difference between a direct selling and a mlm company?
A:  MLM companies typically require one to purchase inventory for samples, marketing supplies, etc.  They also often require mandatory monthly purchases to maintain a specific volume of business which is required to get paid.  Furthermore, one may be required to maintain a monthly sales and/or recruiting quota to qualify for any bonuses.  Finally, one usually must recruit hundreds (or even thousands) of new recruits to receive the company’s top levels of compensation and/or bonuses. 

     GroceryTrain does not require ANY of the above to get paid. You alone can determine your monthly residual income simply by enrolling new customers.  The more families who enroll, the more you can potentially earn. There is NO requirement to recruit anyone into your business.
Q:  Is there a cost to become a distributor?
Y:  The cost is currently $149.00 which includes $100.00 toward your future purchase of our groceries.
Q:  How can I make money as a distributor?
A.   By simply sharing this service with everyone you know i.e. relatives, friends, co-workers, etc.  Remember, it’s free and there is never any requirement to make any purchases.


Q:  How can I earn the “Big Money” as a distributor?
A:  To do this, we suggest creating fundraisers for churches, charter schools, scout organizations, and basically any other non-profit or 501(c)(3) organization. You will earn a percentage of every dollar spent on groceries.  See our compensation plan for more details on earnings.
Q:  Do I have to handle, store or otherwise touch the food in any way?
A:  No.  GroceryTrain is not only an online and home grocery pick-up or delivery service company but there are different divisions in addition to the online and pick-up or delivery of groceries! To clarify better … 
     GroceryTrain delivers groceries but you are NOT delivering them! We have delivery drivers in uniforms and climate controlled vans. You are enrolling customers and Associates for the grocery pick-up and delivery business opportunity and offering a fundraising program to nonprofit organizations.


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