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May 5, 2012 / health24wealth

Celpa Clinic Tampa

We Treat All Types of Injuries

Celpa Clinic provides care and guidance to those that have suffered from all types of injuries including slip and falls, dog bites, negligence, drowning, product recalls, workplace related injuries, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and construction accidents. Our doctors will fully assess and document your injuries and then will help you find the best lawyer to help you get justice in Tampa, Florida.

Unique to our model is that all of the doctors, including surgeons and pain doctors collaborate about your case, and come up with the best plan to fully alleviate your injuries.

They have ancillary care available in the Celpa Clinic so chiropractors and physical therapists also communicate seamlessly with our physicians to provide a cohesive network.

The nice part is that all levels of care are well tuned to the needs of those involved in personal injury or workman’s compensation cases. Also, their unique relationship with personal injury lawyers allows you to attain the most appropriate specialists in regard to your unique situation.

You now have a complete support structure from the ground up to help you heal and get the settlement you deserve!

Also a team of bi-lingual staff will make you feel at home, assisting with language needs for non-English speaking clients!

Call the Celpa Clinic today at 813-870-2222


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