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May 17, 2012 / health24wealth



Biofeedback Stress Management Nutrition & Lifestyle Interventions.

At Celpa Clinic and  Paradise Quantum Healing Center

The first question we ask when somebody is chronically ill is:

Why healing is not happening?

What is blocking the healing paths?

What does it need to get activated?

What can we do so that natural healing process comes into play?

We start with nutrition, with the basic structure.

Nutrition is a basic component of preventive medicine and also an area that can be effective in corrective medicine for many common health problems.

We use state of the art, advanced molecular biology and laboratory tests to determine long term and functional assessment of nutritional components and the areas that need more attention and support.

As a result, individual differences in metabolism, age, genetics, health, prescription drug usage, absorption rate and other factors are taken into consideration.

During our assessment, we put a lot of emphasis on Mind-Body Medicine or the interaction between stress and illness.

For the past four decades, the field of Psychoneuroimmunology has been collecting research data on the effects of mind-emotions on the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.


We use state of the art, advanced electro-physiological Biofeedback devices for stress reduction, muscle relaxation and increased sense of well being.


Our Quantum energetic system helps to relieve stress in several ways:


– Performing stress reduction

– Enhancing sleep patterns

– Helping with anger and anxiety management

– Balancing emotions so that emotional energy flow easily

– Performing stabilization of the nervous system

– Helping in pain management and overall improving performance.


Mission Statement:To Support The Human Body’s Innate Intelligent Healing System And Help To Harness The Body’s Own Inner Resources By Aligning The Natural Healing Forces.

Please call us for your appointment at (813) 870-2222

Holistic Medicine


What is the healing system?

Healing is a dynamic process that mantain a state of balance and equilibrium, our ability to self repair, self regenerate tissue, and our birth right that is built in within us. We came to this world with the manual instructions of “How to repair ourselves”. Whenever we lose temporarily the equilibrium, our special energetic vital forces come into play to restore the balance.

How can we work with and align these forces within our bodies so we can enjoy health, vitality, happiness, and all the constructive attributes that come with it?

Few people look at this inside mechanisms of the healing process. When we talk about treatment, we think of things or actions that come from outside. However, at the best, treatment works at facilitating healing, unblocking, activating or turning on intrinsic mechanisms of healing. This is really true preventive care.


Please call us for your appointment at (813) 870-2222


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