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May 17, 2012 / health24wealth



MISSION STATEMENT: To support the human body’s innate intelligent healing system and help to harness the body’s own inner resources by aligning the natural healing forces.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”-Hippocrates.


Based on the new Quantum Physical Sciences and our current understanding on the way we human beings are connected to everything else. We know that a cell is far more than an aggregate of individual molecules; it is an organized, structured, purposeful and evolved whole. Cells may be thought as having a kind of intelligence, actively cooperating in vast communication networks within the body and between the body and its environment.


By understanding that human beings are a reflection of their thoughts, emotions, feelings, memories, the nutrients we ingest, the level of physical activity, our survival efforts counteracted by the shaping forces of the environment . Then we can formulate a natural approach to support the body’s own healing system.


We are more than our minds and bodies. We cannot ignore the vital forces, organizing intelligence which animate and breath life into the bio-machinery of living beings. The body would be a pile of disordered chemicals were it not for the animating life force that create order in living systems and constantly rebuilds and renews its cellular vehicle of expression. We are in fact multidimensional beings of energy. It is a unique form of subtle energy.

Subtle energies are believed to be operative on the subatomic level. Many interpretations of the findings of Quantum Physics (the study of the sub-atomic) lend strong credibility to a more “metaphysical” view of nature.



Every thought, emotion, belief has an energetic and biochemical consequence. The most fundamental quality of human existence is the spiritual dimension that must be taken into account if we are to truly understand the basic nature of health, illness and personal growth.




Biology is moving beyond the study of the matter of life and beginning to consider how fields, energies, and information shape and direct life itself. Scientists do not understand how a stem-cell knows how to turn itself into a specific kind of cell- a liver, heart, muscle or nerve cell. From where does it gets its information? Biochemistry and Genetics (DNA) cannot provide the full answers, for the processes they either initiate or direct are themselves dependent on information.

Our cells are the smallest functional unit of our bodies. Each cell is an intricate and sophisticated chemical factory, throughout the body, there are trillions of chemical processes that form a tangled web of interconnections to make proteins, hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, and other substances that your body needs to work properly.

All these processes must be accurately timed, and these substances must be produced in specific quantities and delivered with precision to the correct cells. It is reasonable to assume that this intricate biological dance must be choreographed by something. That something is INFORMATION/CONSCIOUSNESS.

Information implies a sort of consciousness. Consciousness can be transformed into information, which can be turned into energy and manifested into matter. Alongside the levels of matter and energy, information forms a third level of existence that is guided and governed by its own laws. Pure information is not ruled by time and space and that information can be transmitted without energy. Life is based on a constant exchange of information.

At the level of the quantum realm everything is connected. The world is a vast web of relationships with everything affecting everything else.

Everything takes place in a super-ordinate world of information and energy. Your body energy field is made up of pathways along which information flows to the over 50 trillion cells in your body and acts as the master control system for your physical body.

It regulates, coordinates, orchestrates all the information your DNA, cells, tissues and organs need to work correctly.

These cells have to communicate each other millisecond to millisecond. Thousands of chemical reactions happen every second. All this is harmoniously coordinated to manage the physical process to keep you alive and well.


Disease can now be redefined as a disruption, cessation or distortion arising in the information and energy fields. Malfunctions are based on missing information, wrong information, corrupted information and outdated information. Just as we have to digest, transform and eliminate waste substances, so do we have to digest, transform and eliminate waste information. If this process is interrupted at any point disease is the result.


Medicine is on the verge of revolution, based on our current understanding of the interconnected web of imbalances and forces that causes illness. The future of Medicine is here, scientifically backed up by advanced concepts in Quantum Physics, Systems Biology, Molecular Biology, Psychoneuroimmunology, Nutrigenomics and other sciences.

In Systems Biology, naming diseases becomes increasingly meaningless as we understand the inner workings and function of our cells and biological systems within the context of the entire organism.


We are at the crossroad between science and spirituality!



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