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September 8, 2012 / health24wealth

Introducing Sisel POPs.

Staying Slim and Slender Never Tasted So Good!

Announcing the Evolution of One of our Most Popular Weight Loss Products!

Is there anything better than managing your weight with a bagful of lollipops? We don’t think so. With SlenderPOPs, we made controlling your appetite and staying slender simple—and tasty.

And now we’re excited to announce the evolution of this delicious weight loss product, with new packaging, a new and improved formula, and a delicious new taste.

Meet SiselPOPs!

Just like SlenderPOPs, these fructose and sugar-free lollipops help you feel full so you can control your portion-sizes. But now we’ve developed an even better tasting, more delicious, grape-flavored pop.

The result?

Slim and sexy in a can’t resist, yummy candy! SiselPOPs brand-new formula features a combination of highly concentrated extracts from the fruit of the rare cactus Opuntia ficus-indica.

The formula also contains the powerful ingredient Cactinea™, derived from a special variety of prickly pear.

These extracts support weight management by curbing your hunger with healthy fiber that is also gentle on your digestion.

SiselPOPs are sweetened with xylitol—the perfect choice for the calorie-conscious.

All New SiselPOPs:

  • Taste temptingly sweet, without sugar and fructose, thanks to the tooth-and-waist-friendly ingredient xylitol.

  • Help you feel satisfied and full with the healthy fiber in Opuntia ficus-indica.

  • Help you control portion sizes with the fiber in the prickly pear extract Cactinea™.

At last, the candy that’s good for your waistline! Our all new SiselPOPs are available

now, and come in a Single Pack (24 pops) for $28.00  

4-Pack for $108  and a 10-pack for $260  

                           Order yours today!

  • Your new lifestyle is within reach.

  • Sponsor ID: USA5156555 Become a Sisel’s Distributor,Preferred Customer or Commercial Member


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