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April 12, 2013 / health24wealth


I Knew a little useful information that you need to drink lots of water, but I did not know that it is also important to the timing.

Drinking water at the right time, maximizing the functionality of the human body.
2 glasses of water right after awakening supports function of internal organs
1 glass of water 30 minutes before one is good for the digestion
1 glass of water before a bath lowers blood pressure
1 glass of water before going to bed is preceded by bleeding in the brain, and at the time of sleep often were heart attack
January 30, 2013 / health24wealth

A Newest Additions to the Sisel Family.

sisel's products

Most families can’t imagine adding eleven new additions all at one time, but Sisel rises to the challenge once again!

BrainVitality – highly advanced, cutting-edge, significant cognitive support supplement for maintaining a young, healthy brain.

Sisel Revitalizer – greatly enhances the vital elements in your body to increase, intensify, and improve appearances in hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, and fingernails.

SupraDetox – natural, herbal formula that removes impurities from the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

Balance-D – Balance-D combines prebiotics, probiotics, organic microfiber, and Vitamin D, offering the most advanced and balanced GI tract supplement and support available.

Sisel Sapphire Shampoo – super-fruit blends invigorate and help repair damaged hair.

Sisel Sapphire Conditioner – 100% pure Argan oil for long, colored or damaged hair.

OrganiCleanse – utilizes natural, Sisel Safe® ingredients that agitate, breakup, and remove 99% of unseen chemicals and germs from fruits and vegetables.

Sisel Travel Pack – all of your travelling needs, made safe and simple from Sisel.

Nail Appliques – achieve intricately designed fingernails right in the comfort of your own home, and show your love for Sisel from head to toe…nail!

And, coming soon, Reinvigorate Masculine Formula and Reinvigorate Feminine Formula!

Reinvigorate Masculine Formula – massively supports male biology, enhancing overall ability to perform at optimal levels.

Reinvigorate Feminine Formula – a uniquely powerful formula to provide intensive, specific, and unprecedented support for women.

When it comes to creating healthier, wealthier lives, Sisel will stop at nothing. These cutting-edge new products are now available in your back office*. Take the next step in improving your quality of life and order today!

*Products are available in the US and Canadian market,  and through the NFR program for foreign markets. 

December 21, 2012 / health24wealth

Be Fit & Fab for the New Year . Excuses Eliminated.

Your new lifestyle is within reach.

Be Fit & Fab for the New Year – Excuses Eliminated

3 + 3 = 7. Not really. But right now with SiseLEAN, it does! When you buy 6 canisters of SiseLEAN, you get one FREE! We’ll even throw in a Blender Bottle!

By purchasing this pack, you are auto-qualified to start YOUR Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge. In the couples challenge? This is perfect for you! Get all the SiseLEAN you will need for the entire 12-week program…PLUS!

Once you use SiseLEAN, you will quickly realize it is a canister of AWESOME! With long-burn micellar casein, over 50 trace minerals, and only 85 calories per serving, the superior formula of SiseLEAN nourishes your body with the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, proteins, and fiber it needs to burn fat, build muscle, and keep you energized.

This exclusive offer begins today and runs through January 7, 2013. This promotion is a perfect contribution to your fit and fabulous New Year’s Resolution, and it’s yours for the taking! Find more >>

November 29, 2012 / health24wealth

Quit Smoking – Quitting Can Be Different This Time. ECigs For WOMEN.

Ecigarettes: Are there better ways to quit smoking?


Vapor Couture ECigs For WOMEN– the slimmest e-cig in the industry.


V2 Cigs - Give a Gift, Change a Life

Brighten up your holiday season

Check Out Our New Holiday Section – Gift Ideas for Any Budget!

We’ve got great gift ideas that make it easy to spend a little and still give a lot! With gifts priced under $25, $50 or $75, you’ll have everyone crossed off your list in no time! Take advantage of V2 Combo Deals for added savings.
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September 9, 2012 / health24wealth

Carla’s Gluten Free Recipe Box


You will find that Carla only publishes gluten free recipes. Under the GF Recipes tab at the top of this page, you’ll find such recipe categories as dairy-free, casein-free, sugar-free, etc. All ingredients are gluten-free at time of posting, and noted as such, but always check your labels to make sure! New recipes are continuously added to this blog. Please let Carla know if you are looking for a specific gluten free recipe. You may also check theRecipe Forum, as links to interesting recipes she runs across that you may enjoy are posted there, as well.


Gluten Free Carla

Carla Spacher is the founder of Gluten Free Recipe Box and the owner and President of Carla’s Gluten Free, a consulting firm where she consults retail and wholesale businesses, and restaurants. In addition, she is a professional recipe deveoper. Carla was the host and producer of the gluten-free online radio show, Carla’s Cooking, where she interviewed authors and professionals who teach us how to improve gluten free recipes. Carla is a member of the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America and the National Association of Professional Women.

Due to the demand, Carla has recently begun consulting other gluten-free bloggers and professionals in social media/blog/website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Her goal is to share her gluten free recipes, her knowledge of gluten free cooking and baking, as well as her research on celiac disease, gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity to make living a gluten-free life easier and appetizing for all.

Carla was also added to the Tom Cruise Twitter A-Listers. She is honored.

Should you have a recipe you are struggling to convert into a gluten free recipe, please email her by sending her a short message along with the original recipe via the Contact Form.


Visit at

September 8, 2012 / health24wealth

Introducing Sisel POPs.

Staying Slim and Slender Never Tasted So Good!

Announcing the Evolution of One of our Most Popular Weight Loss Products!

Is there anything better than managing your weight with a bagful of lollipops? We don’t think so. With SlenderPOPs, we made controlling your appetite and staying slender simple—and tasty.

And now we’re excited to announce the evolution of this delicious weight loss product, with new packaging, a new and improved formula, and a delicious new taste.

Meet SiselPOPs!

Just like SlenderPOPs, these fructose and sugar-free lollipops help you feel full so you can control your portion-sizes. But now we’ve developed an even better tasting, more delicious, grape-flavored pop.

The result?

Slim and sexy in a can’t resist, yummy candy! SiselPOPs brand-new formula features a combination of highly concentrated extracts from the fruit of the rare cactus Opuntia ficus-indica.

The formula also contains the powerful ingredient Cactinea™, derived from a special variety of prickly pear.

These extracts support weight management by curbing your hunger with healthy fiber that is also gentle on your digestion.

SiselPOPs are sweetened with xylitol—the perfect choice for the calorie-conscious.

All New SiselPOPs:

  • Taste temptingly sweet, without sugar and fructose, thanks to the tooth-and-waist-friendly ingredient xylitol.

  • Help you feel satisfied and full with the healthy fiber in Opuntia ficus-indica.

  • Help you control portion sizes with the fiber in the prickly pear extract Cactinea™.

At last, the candy that’s good for your waistline! Our all new SiselPOPs are available

now, and come in a Single Pack (24 pops) for $28.00  

4-Pack for $108  and a 10-pack for $260  

                           Order yours today!

  • Your new lifestyle is within reach.

  • Sponsor ID: USA5156555 Become a Sisel’s Distributor,Preferred Customer or Commercial Member

September 6, 2012 / health24wealth

Rapid Weight Loss System

Bodies Sculpted, Lives Changed
Say Congrats to Your 2nd Quarter Winners!
All around the globe, people are transforming their bodies daily and enhancing their health through the Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge! So many have seen amazing results, and we couldn’t be happier for you! You are truly living the “12+1” ideal! That’s 12 weeks of dedicated work on the challenge, plus one day after the Challenge—the day your new life as a new you begins!Among all of you who are shedding pounds and adding lean muscle, there are some who stand out with absolutely incredible transformations! The following Distributors have won their categories in the contest, working their butts off (literally!) over the past 12 weeks to lose weight and inches. Now they are not only leaner, but have earned some amazing prizes, including spa visits, personal training sessions, makeovers, and a trip to Cancun!Become a Sisel’s Distributor,Preferred Customer or Commercial Member
Grand Prize Winner 
Name:  Gary Hargrove
Starting Weight: 223 lbs.
Ending Weight: 188 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 35 lbs.Gary says: “I spent 22 years in the Navy and always struggled with my weight. I found I had to do crazy diets whenever I had to make weight standards. When I was introduced to the challenge I saw it as a way of getting off the cycle of crash diets. Now I do meetings and then I share with others what I learned. My mom who is 76 years old is doing the Challenge. She’s already lost 15 lbs. and 14 inches! I always say, ‘If you don’t believe me that it works, look at her!’”Best Male 
Name:  Gilbert Fonticoba
Starting Weight:  308 lbs.
Ending Weight:  256 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 52 lbs.Gilbert says: “If you’ve struggled and tried all these other diets that did not work for you, this is the diet to do! It worked for me when nothing else did. I am not a very disciplined person and if I was able to do it anyone can! I actually did not exercise at all. I had a SiseLEAN shake in the morning. Then I would have a chicken breast and salad or another SiseLEAN shake for lunch. I followed that up with another chicken breast and veggies for dinner. I loved that when I started shedding weight, people started commenting on it!”Best Female
Name:  Pam Darby
Starting Weight:  227
Ending Weight:  202
Total Weight Lost: 25 lbs.

Pam says: “I have struggled with my weight since I was a very young girl. I even became a registered dietitian/nutritionist so I could learn about nutrition and help others avoid the challenges I had. I work really well with clients because I understand the struggles. I am very good at helping others, but I still needed help! As an award-winning dietitian, I really know my stuff. Weight loss is really hard and really personal. For me, there is so much associated with weight, so if I can lose weight this easily it’s just amazing!”

Bonus Winner
Our second quarter challenge did not see an eligible couple, allowing us to add a 4thindividual winner!
Mike Shepherd
Starting Weight:  323 lbs.
Ending Weight:  267 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 56 lbs.

Mike says: “Being as big as I was, I didn’t have good mobility. Just doing everyday things like getting in and out of bed and walking to the mailbox was really tough. Losing the weight has helped me feel drastically better. I am finally breathing better. I had a quadruple bypass in 2001 and losing the weight has helped me immensely. Before I would go play 9 holes of golf I would not even finish because I was so tired. Now I can play 18 holes no problem. I have so much more energy!”

Become a Sisel’s Distributor,Preferred Customer or Commercial Member

Your Turn!
Transform your body! Take the Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge, and make “12+1” your mantra!

To participate in the challenge, become a preferred customer or Sisel Distributor, pick one of the Challenge product packs, and complete the online Challenge form in your back office. You can also upgrade to a mysiselpro account, set up your site, and take the 12 + 1 Challenge there. It offers more features to keep you motivated and help you build your business, too! Don’t you want to be on your way to looking great, feeling great, and being great?

Today is the start!  

Product F131209-10-01 SiseLEAN Weight Management Shake
An essential part of the Fit & Fabulous Weight Loss System, this creamy vanilla shake contains less than 80 calories per serving! Each delicious shake brings you closer to the hard-body you are sculpting. Fiber makes you feel full and prevents you from flipping into binge mode. Protein fuels lean muscle growth, which is good for your metabolism. Vitamins energize your motor to sustain your weight management focus and discipline. Want to be lean? It begins here. ID: USA5156555
> Learn More



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